SAYDC Girls Basketball

South Atlantic Youth Development Combine

Theoutharolina Seventy-Sixers 

                                    ​      Home of McDonald All Americans Morgan Stroman 2009 and Xylina McDaniel 2012

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

​#1 Question: If I want my child to be a South Carolina 76er, what do I need to do?
Answer: You will need to contact the appropriate coach for the age group of your child.  The coaches’ names and contact information are listed on our website under the Teams’ Section.  You would need to select either the boy’s or girl’s homepage tab. You may also contact the Directors of the SC 76ers under the About Us Section.  
#2 Question: What type of experience should a player have before trying out for the SC 76ers?
​Answer:  Players can have wide variety of basketball experience. It is important to remember because we are drawing from multiple communities, cities and states, AAU/club/travel basketball is generally more competitive then recreational, church and school teams.
#3 Question:  How will the players be selected?
Answer: The process varies with different teams.  Some coaches hold tryouts, arrange personal workouts, have your child come to practice and others will come to observe your child during a recreational, middle school or high school game. Players will be evaluated based on their basketball skills, knowledge, athleticism and attitude. Coaches weigh all these factors in selecting team members.
#4 Question:  How many times a week do teams practice?
Answer: Practice times are set by the specific coaches for their team.  Generally, teams will practice twice a week.  This can vary some weeks depending on a number of factors: holidays, coaches schedule, tournaments, school events, etc.  
#5 Question:
  How much travel is required to play with the SC 76ers?
Answer: The travel varies.  In general, most teams participate in approximately ten tournaments.  Three to four tournaments are in South Carolina.  The remaining tournaments are generally held in other South Eastern States.  Generally, teams travel to events on Fridays, play games on Friday, Saturday and Sundays.  Usually, in order to play on Sundays, you need to win to advance to championship play. The days can vary. Often teams will begin play on Saturday morning.   
#6 Question:   What is difference between AAU, travel or club basketball?
Answer:  AAU is a specific organization that organizes local, regional and national tournaments.  There are many other formats for tournaments such as YBOA, USAAA, USBA, USJN, MAYB, GBA, Southern Premier, and a growing number of exposure oriented groups sponsoring tournaments.  AAU was one of the earlier programs.  Often people use the name AAU out of habit and familiarity when they actually play a variety of formats.  The SC 76ers operates a club basketball program; we often use club, exposure and travel teams to describe ourselves.  We generally participate in a variety of formats that we feel will benefit our players.  Often we will pick our events based upon the quality of competition that will be attending the event.
#7 Question:  How long is the travel ball season?
Answer:  Depending upon the age of the teams, AAU generally begins after the school’s basketball season end.  Younger teams not playing school ball can practice and play year round.  Older teams general begin in March.  The season generally ends in June/July.  The specific coaches set the calendar for their own teams.  
#8 Question: 
  What is the cost to play club basketball with the SC 76ers?
Answer: The cost varies by teams.  This is a question that should be directed to the specific coach of the team your child is interested in joining. 
#9 Question:   Where do the South Carolina 76ers practice?
Answer:  The teams practice in various location.  This is a question that should be directed to the specific coach of the team your child is interested in joining.